Municipality of shelburne

Opportunity, from Ocean to Forest!

Discover a place, where a work life balance gives you time for what’s important and being connected is just a mouse click away. We are ready to welcome business and industry, no matter the size. Shelburne has the resources and we are always up for a good time. Come to the Municipality of Shelburne, and discover a place like no other – Live Here. Work Here. Play Here.

A small light house on the shores of a beach. A sailboat is need in the background and people walk around in the water.

Community Profile

With our rich history, diverse neighborhoods, and legacy of arts, culture, and education, Shelburne has something for everyone.

Why Here

Shelburne offers endless opportunities for business development, with high-speed internet access, a robust fishing economy, and a wide variety of affordable real estate available. Shelburne can deliver on all your needs.

Our History

Shelburne has some of Canada’s richest history. Here you can discover how our story unfolds.

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