Our Community’s Future: A Vision for Municipal Planning

Council’s priorities with respect to updating the Land Use Bylaws encompasses shaping the future of our community through thoughtful and responsible urban planning. These priorities aim to strike a balance between sustainable development, the preservation of green spaces, and creating vibrant, livable neighborhoods. By ensuring that land use regulations align with the community’s vision, the Council seeks to promote orderly growth, enhance quality of life, and foster a thriving and harmonious environment for all residents.

Through Request for Proposal process, the Municipality has hired consultant Stantec to update our Land-Use By-law, to ensure that the Municipality’s policies will adhere to the Province’s mandate for minimum planning standards. The Municipality is required to complete this work by December 31, 2024.

Public Open House

To initiate the planning review process for the Municipality of the District of Shelburne, we are inviting residents to attend one of three open house engagements to share their community goals and vision, starting the conversation which will help decide the municipal role in helping our communities and the region manage the challenges and opportunities which face them today and over the next 10 to 20 years. This is your chance give us your thoughts and concerns regarding planning policy. We are looking to introduce the project, its scope and timeline, as well as clearly lay out the timeline ahead and the opportunities for additional public input.

November 22, 2023
5 – 7pm
Shelburne Municipal Building
414 Woodlawn Drive

November 23, 2023
Sable River Community Hall
256 Trunk 3, Sable River

December 4, 2023
5 – 7pm
CGC Community Hall
1634 Shore Road, Gunning Cove

This is not a presentation – the open house will be used to introduce the review process and timelines, facilitate discussion and gather public feedback. You’ll have the opportunity to view visual presentations, discuss planning topics with staff and planning consultants, and engage in meaningful conversations with fellow residents. Your feedback will be gathered through surveys and comment cards, ensuring that your opinions are heard and considered in the shaping of the planning documents. We aim to create an inclusive and collaborative environment that encourages open dialogue and helps us collectively plan for a better tomorrow.

If you are unable to attend public meetings – please fill out this online survey by March 1, 2024.

For any other questions or more information please contact Darren Shupe at darren@brighterplanning.ca.

What is Planning?

Planning is a municipal responsibility and involves the consideration of the use of land and resources. Planning examines the community’s goals and values for growth and development, provides options on how to reach these goals and minimizes conflict that could arise when trying to reach the goals.

What are Planning Documents?

The Municipal Planning Strategy (MPS), Land Use By-law (LUB) and the Subdivision By-law (SUB), are known as the planning documents. The planning documents are adopted by Council and cover the entire municipality.

The MPS contains the long-term vision (20+years) for what the community will become. The LUB contains the rules and regulations used to make that vision a reality. The Subdivision By-law regulates the division and addition of land.

What is a Plan Review?

A plan review is a chance to review the current planning documents and accommodate changes to the environmental, social and economic climate. The current planning documents date from 2015 and are limited in scope, focusing on wind energy development, source water protection, and coastal development.

Why are we conducting a Plan Review now?

In 2019, the Province of Nova Scotia brought in regulations which require all municipalities to reach minimum planning standards. This review provides an opportunity for the community and Council to help shape future development. The review will include creating policies to reflect Provincial priorities (agriculture, drinking water, flooding, infrastructure, and housing) as well as growth management and engagement with neighbouring municipalities.

Public consultation will provide a key role in developing draft policies to be reviewed by Council. In the Fall 2023, we will be holding a public meeting to get an early sense of which issues you feel are most relevant to you and your community. Early in 2024, we will hold meetings at which we will present a ‘what we heard’ report, based on your input, as well as a series of background reports for further input.