Building an Inclusive Community: Increasing Accessibility at Welkum Park

Municipal Council has made significant investments in accessibility upgrades for Welkum Park. Our commitment to inclusivity and ensuring that everyone can enjoy this beautiful natural resource is reflected in these improvements. We’re enhancing pathways, beach access and playground amenities to make the park more accessible to people of all abilities, ensuring that it remains a welcoming and enjoyable destination for all members of our community.

Phase One

An accessibility design plan was developed based on consultation from various stakeholders. The focus was on upgrading amenities and connecting them all with an accessible pathway.

Phase Two

The change rooms were made accessible and combined with the washrooms, an accessible parking space was added, ramps were provided for the gazebo by the beach and accessible picnic tables were installed in all three gazebos.

Phase Three

This included the installation of the accessible pathway, new play equipment with sensory panels, two bay swing set with adaptive swing, and fully accessible surfacing. Also added was a natural play space with a Stack House, A-frame climber and balance beams. The beach area got a new floating dock with handrails and bench, and a mobi-mat will be installed next spring to enable access to the beach and lake.

Project Funding

The Welkum Park Accessibility Upgrades project received funding support from ACOA through the Innovative Communities Fund program. The Municipality utilized Gas Tax funds for their contribution.