About the Community

The rural Municipality of the District of Shelburne is a unique coastal community. We are rich in cultural, historic, economic and natural diversity. Together with our Loyalist roots, fishing industries, small business economy, community services and self-reliance we have shaped our character.

You can canoe or camp along our lakes and rivers, paddle or surf in the ocean, sail in our harbour, walk or ride our extensive trail system or sit back and do some bird watching. It is a quality of life that complements professionals, retirees and working families lifestyles.

You will see lighthouses, fishing villages with colorful boats, friendly people who like to chat with visitors and many tourism and recreational opportunities. In Clyde River you can use a beautiful 18-hole golf course. In Birchtown you can visit the first freed Black settlement in North America. In Sandy Point you can walk out into the Harbour to the lighthouse, then stop at the community centre for refreshments.

The Municipality has invested in the infrastructure, services and sustainable initiatives necessary for attractive business investment opportunities in our communities.

Shelburne has a climate similar to many locations in southern Nova Scotia and coastal locations of northern New England. Due to its coastal location and moderating influence of the Atlantic Ocean, Shelburne's climate is relatively temperate without major extremes in temperature. Winters are wet and cold, with snow, freezing rain and rain frequent from mid December to the end of March. Snow is common in the winter months, however it rarely stays on the ground for extended periods of time. Spring is cool and frequently damp, while summer features some of the best weather in Canada from June to the end of September. Autumn weather features pleasant days and cool nights and this can extend well into November.

We invite you to come and give your soul a rest from the hustle and bustle of urban life, where you, your children and workmates can enjoy the Municipality at your own pace.


The Municipality of the District of Shelburne offers everything you need for your personal and professional life. Its the perfect place for a happy family and a successful business - all in the same community.

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