As we enter into the second fiscal year of a four-year mandate, we are pleased to outline the continued plans and priorities that the 52nd Council of the Municipality of the District of Shelburne will undertake in the 2022-23 fiscal year.

The following six priorities will enable the Municipality to provide strategic investments in the following areas through its operating and capital budgets:

  1. Infrastructure/Facilities
  2. Planning
  3. Recreation and Community Development
  4. Economic Development
  5. Administration
  6. Finance

The Municipality’s 2022-23 operating budget is set at $7,991,397.Its capital budget is set at $5,670,615.

Council will maintain the current residential and resource tax rate of $1.26 per $100 of assessment and current commercial tax rate of $1.82 per $100 of assessment. One cent of residential and resource generates $41,568; one cent commercial generates $3,429.

Council will continue to fund reserves contributing $100,000 to the capital reserves and $79,384 to operating reserves.Council will maintain the interest rate charged on tax bills at 10% (pre COVID was 14%).

At the end of fiscal 2021-2022, the Municipality’s total reserves is anticipated to be approximately $6,875,681. Of that amount:

  • $57,757 is earmarked for capital for fire departments
  • $37,452 for a special purpose reserve for the Lockeport Fire Truck
  • $53,000 for the digital x-ray machine

These reserves are estimates only as our final audited statements will not be completed for the 2021-22 fiscal year until July 2022.

With this budget, it is Council’s goal to continue to maintain and improve services our residents and businesses have come to expect, while strategically investing in our community within our fiscal resources.

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