Budget Information

**The Municipality's 2020-2021 Operating & Capital Budget was approved by Motion at the April 27, 2020, Council Meeting, held by telephone conference.  We will provide our new budget highlights shortly, thank you for your patience.

Warden's 2019-20 Budget Address

March 25, 2019

On behalf of Council, I am pleased to provide our community with the continued plans and priorities that the 51st Council of Municipality of the District of Shelburne will undertake in the 2019-20 fiscal year, as we being the third year of our four-year mandate.

Our first budget in 2017-2018 set the foundation and groundwork for the investments that our Council believed we needed to make in our term and the successive budgets have continued to advance our goals and priorities, to ensure growth and development in our community through prudent investments in our programs, services and infrastructure.

View the complete version of pdf Warden Smith's 2019-2020 Budget Address (419 KB)

View the complete version of the pdf 2019 - 2020 Budget Summary. (54 KB)

How your tax dollar is spent?

For the 2019 - 2020 Fiscal Year, you can see below how each dollar of your tax payments are spent in comparison to the 2018 - 2019 Fiscal Year.

Budget 2019/2020

For those of you who prefer just the numbers, the list below shows the same data.

Legislative $0.02 $0.02
General Government    
Taxation & Accounting  $0.06  $0.06
Administrative  $0.21  $0.18
Building Services  $0.01  $0.01
Protective Services    
Police Protection  $0.10  $0.11
Fire Protection  $0.05  $0.06
Emergency Management  $0.01  $0.01
By-Law Enforcement  $0.01  $0.01
Roads/Streetlights/Wind Turbines    
Road Transportation  $0.02  $0.02
Wind Turbine  $0.01  $0.01
Environmental  $0.15  $0.15
Sewer Treatment    
Sewage Treatment Operations  $0.01  $0.01
Sewage Treatment Plants & Lines  $0.01  $0.01
Recreation & Development    
Community & Economic Development  $0.04  $0.05
Recreation Department  $0.03  $0.03
Recreation Facilities  $0.01  $0.01
Fiscal Services  $0.07  $0.05
Transfers to Province of Nova Scotia &  Assessment
Conditional Transfers  $0.17  $0.19
Unconditional Transfers  $0.01  $0.01
 Total 1.00  1.00

What is included in these expenses?

Includes Councillors Honorarium, Travel and Training.
General Government
  Includes Administration & Finance Staffing, Buildings, Legal, Insurance, Auditors, IT, Phone, Tax Sale Expense, Low Income Tax Exemption, and Community Group Exemption.
Protective Services
  Includes Police, Fire, EMO, Ground Search & Rescue, and By-Law Enforcement.
Roads/Streetlights/Wind Turbine
  Includes Roads, Streetlights, and Wind Turbine.
  Includes RMRF, Building and Fire Inspections, Waste Diversion and Management Staffing, Administrative Expense Affiliated with Staffing, Green Carts, Solid Waste Contract, and Landfill Use.
Sewer Treatment
  Includes Staffing, Utility, and Maintenance & Repair.
Recreation & Development
  Includes Maintenance of Recreational Facilities, Recreational Staffing, Recreation Program Expense, Litter Abatement, Health Care, Economic Development, Senior Safety, ICSP Implementation, and Grants to Organizations.
Fiscal Services
  Includes Service Fees (Bank, Payroll, and Pension), Valuation Allowance, Transfers to Reserves, District Grant Fund, and Sou’West Nova Transit.
Transfer to Province of Nova Scotia & Assessment
  Includes Corrections, Public Prosecution, Assessment Services, Regional Library, Regional School Board, Housing Authority, and Area Rate Payments.

Where does the revenue come from?

For the 2019 - 2020 Fiscal Year, you can see below what makes up each dollar of revenue in comparison the the 2018 - 2019 Fiscal Year.

Budget 2019/2020

For those of you who prefer just the numbers, the list below shows the same data.

Taxes $0.68 $0.71
Federal  & Provincial Government & Agencies $0.03 $0.03
Sale of Services $0.13 $0.13
Return on Investments $0.00 $0.01
Unconditional Transfers $0.01 $0.01
Other Transfers $0.15 $0.11
Total Budget Dollar $1.00 $1.00

What makes up the revenues?


Includes Residential, Commercial. Resource, Area Rate, and Business Property

Provincial & Government Agencies

Includes Grant In Lieu, Crown Timberland, Conservation Property Tax, Farm Property Acreage, and Power Corporation.

Sale of Services

Includes Sewer Charges, Septage Receiving, Wind Turbine Revenue, Subdivision Approval Fees, Tax Certificates, Rent from Building Tenants, Interest on Taxes, Lock-up Revenue, Fee for Service Revenue from Town of Shelburne and Town of Lockeport, C&D Tipping, Scrap Metal, Building Permits, and Recreation Programs.

Unconditional Transfers from Province

Includes Municipal Equalization and HST Offset.

Other Transfers

Includes Transfer from Gas Tax Reserve and Operating Reserve.