Building and Fire Inspection

Building Inspections

Building Officials conduct inspections at various stages of construction and can also assist you with the preparation of your Building Permit Application.

The Building Inspection department is responsible for the regulation of construction, alteration, and repair or demolition of buildings and structures within the Municipality of Shelburne, Town of Shelburne and Town of Lockeport. All Bylaws are enforced for the protection of residents and businesses.

Other responsibilities of the Inspection Department are:

  • All aspects of Building and Demolition, including but not limited to, issuing permits and carrying out required inspections
  • Civic Numbering: issuing new civic numbers and maintaining existing ones.
  • Fire inspections: protection of life and property through the prevention of fire
  • Subdivisions: review and approve subdivisions
  • Development and Zoning: ensure that all development and zoning in the Municipality of Shelburne meets applicable by-laws

You should always inquire with the Inspection Department before any type of construction begins. Any person planning to carry out any form of construction in the Municipality is governed by the provisions of the Building Code Act and the Municipality's Building By-Law.

National Codes are now available to be viewed or downloaded free of charge to the general public. You can find all codes
using the links listed here:

NBC 2015 Illustrated Users Guide -

National Building Code 2015 -

Other Codes can be found at

Fire Inspections

During an inspection, the Fire Inspector evaluates a building or structure and determines what measures are necessary to meet a reasonable level of life safety. A Fire Safety Inspection program is vital to our community. We ask you to assist our department in achieving the highest level of fire and life safety in our area.

Our Fire Inspectors identify unsafe conditions or deficiencies in buildings and structures related to current bylaws, codes and standards. These unsafe conditions include but are not limited to, obstructed exits, inoperative fire alarms and sprinkler systems, and improper storage.

An inspection should inspire property and business owners to take action to reduce fire hazards. The Fire Inspector also educates owners and building occupants regarding the importance of fire safety.

Fire Inspections are usually required for the renewals or issuances of any provincial licensing.

Fees Policy

The Municipality's Fees Policy outlines the fees to be paid to the Municipality for licenses, approvals or services.

This Policy applies except to the extent of any conflict with applicable provincial legislation, and, where the fee amounts in this Policy differ from those set out in a By-Law, Recorded Resolution, Policy or Resolution of the Municipality in effect on the effective date of this Policy, the fee amounts set out in this Policy shall amend those previously in effect.


Andrew Goreham
Manager of Inspection Services
875-3544 Ext. 238