Coastal Protection Act

In April 2019, the Province of Nova Scotia passed the Coastal Protection Act that will come into effect with the approval of accompanying regulations. When that happens, a new Coastal Protection Zone will extend around the coast of Nova Scotia and new requirements will apply to constructing houses and other structures in the zone. The regulations will outline the protections for sensitive coastal ecosystems and ensure that construction is at a safer height and distance from coastal shorelines. The purpose is to mitigate impacts from sea level rise, coastal flooding and coastal erosion.

Since the act was passed the government has been drafting the regulations designed to implement the act and is now nearing the end of its consultation phase which closes on September 30th. Representatives of the Municipality attended a consultation meeting with the Province on August 17th and at the September 22nd Council, Council passed a motion to submit a response to the Province with a list of our questions and concerns to be submitted prior to the September 30th deadline. Given that the act will impact all properties located around the shores of Shelburne County, we encourage all citizens to review the information and provide your feedback to the Province.

To assist you in this regard, please follow this link, , to the Provincial website. You can also read more in the following downloads:

“Proposed Coastal Protection Act regulations at a glance” ;
“Part 1 - an Overview of Proposed Coastal Protection Act Regulations” ; and
• “ Part 2 – a detailed guide to Proposed Coastal Protection Act Regulations”

You can send your feedback to the Province at  or by mail at:
Coastal Protection Act Consultation
1903 Barrington St., PO Box 442
Halifax, NS, B3J 2P8

If you have any questions regarding the Coastal Protection Act, please feel free to contact Warren MacLeod (Municipality Director of Economic Development) directly.

Warren MacLeod
Director of Economic Development
(902) 265-2105