Connect with Council

Our Warden and Municipal Councillors receive many requests for meetings on topics of interest to them and the Municipality. The Warden’s time is often booked well in advance; however, we will do our best to accommodate any request.

There are times the Warden is away from the office for a period of time. In that event, the Deputy Warden or another Council member may step in for the Warden at scheduled meetings.


All requests to meet with the Warden should be made by contacting the Executive Assistant at 902-875-3544 Ext 250 or by email.

Please advise of the subject matter you wish to discuss and provide complete contact information.


The Warden attends many special events, ceremonies, and celebrations in the Municipality and surrounding areas. If you would like to invite the Warden and/or Council to your event, please request their attendance by contacting the Executive Assistant’s office at 902-875-3544 Ext 250 or by email.

Be prepared to provide as much information as possible, including date and time, location, level of formality, and the expected role of Warden and/or Council.


The Warden may acknowledge certain birthdays, anniversaries, milestones, or awards with a certificate when such requests are received.

For more information please contact the Executive Assistant’s Office at least three weeks in advance of your milestone – 902-875-3544 Ext 250 or email.