Elected in October 2020, your Municipal Council consists of a Warden, Deputy Warden, and five district Councillors, each elected for a four-year term. Municipal voters will elect one Councillor from each of seven (7) districts, while the Warden and Deputy Warden are nominated and appointed by Council and appointed through a Council motion.

Regular Monthly Meetings

Members of Council meet for regularly scheduled Council meetings on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month, with the exception of the month of August. Meeting dates and agendas are published online at least 3 days prior to the meeting date.

* “In Camera” sessions may be held prior to or immediately following Regular Council Meetings, depending upon the issue.

Role of the Warden

The Warden serves as the head of Council, the responsibility to officially represent the council. Along with providing leadership, the Warden represents the interests of the Municipality of Shelburne in inter-governmental relations with the provincial and federal governments on a variety of issues affecting our communities.

Role of Council

Council is responsible for representing the public and advancing economic, social, and cultural well-being. This includes developing and evaluating our policies and programs that match our priorities, ensuring accountability and transparency, and giving voice to the issues that matter to you.

District 1

Councillor Doris Townsend

District 2

Warden Penny Smith

District 3

Councillor Sherry Thorburn Irvine

District 4

Councillor Anthony Gosbee

District 5

Councillor Heidi Wagner

District 6

Councillor Ron Coole

District 7

Deputy Warden Dale Richardson