Electoral Boundaries

The next Municipal Elections will be held on October 17, 2020. Eligible voters in the Municipality of Shelburne will elect one Councillor from each of seven (7) districts .

 District 1  Beaverdam, Clyde River, Port Saxon, Northeast and Northwest Harbour, Ingomar and Round Bay  Map 
 District 2 Roseway, Carleton Village, Gunning Cove, Churchover, Birchtown and Reid’s Hill Map
 District 3 Sandy Point, Jordan Bay and Jordan Ferry  Map
 District 4 Ohio and Welshtown  Map
 District 5 East Jordan, Jordan Falls, Woodlawn Drive and Jordan Branch Map
 District 6 West Head, East Green Harbour, West Green Harbour and Benham Rd  Map
 District 7 Lydgate, Allendale, East Sable, West Middle Sable, Sable River and Port L’Hébert  Map