Emergency Measures

Shelburne County East Emergency Measures Organization (SCEEMO) maintains a plan to insure that a coordinated and managed response takes place when a disaster of such severe proportions occurs that it overwhelms the normal response agencies in the Municipality of Shelburne, the Town of Shelburne and the Town of Lockeport.

The Shelburne Emergency Operations Centre (SEOC) is located on the second floor of the Shelburne Civic Centre (Shelburne Fire Hall). Access is gained through the first door on the west side of the building. If the door is locked, a door bell is on the right hand side of the door that rings in the SEOC. Alternatively, keys for the building are located at each town or municipal office, from any Shelburne Volunteer Fireman, the caretaker for the building, or from the SCEEMO Coordinator.

Standby power will be provided by a large backup generator which will power the entire complex.

The Lockeport Emergency Management Site (LEMS) is located on the second floor of the Lockeport Fire Hall. Access is gained through the first side door on the south side of the building. Once through the door, take the set of steel grating steps to the second floor. The radio room is on the first right and the operations room is on the second right. Keys are available from the Lockeport Town Office, any member of the Lockeport Volunteer Fire Department, or the caretaker for the building. Standby power will be provided by a large backup generator.

It should be noted that the Lockeport Fire Hall is also the designated evacuation site for Surf Lodge Nursing Home, Atlantic Heights, and Beach View Seniors Complex.

The Shelburne Lions Hall is the alternate EOC for Shelburne County East. It would be used in the event that the SEOC was untenable for any reason. The Lions Hall’s first floor can double as a small reception centre as well. The alternate EOC is located in the basement of the Shelburne Lions Hall and is the area adjacent to the Shelburne County Amateur Radio Club (SCARC) room. Tables and chairs would have to be taken to this area. The SCARC have already prewired part of this area for standby power and they will provide the generator; 5 KWs of power is available.

The Shelburne County East Primary Evacuation Centre (SCEPEC) (pronounced “see-pic”) is located at the Civic Centre in Shelburne. It constitutes the entire rear portion of the building, including the auditorium, kitchen, stage, and the classrooms. The decision to activate this facility would be made by the SEOC staff that will make the necessary arrangements to have it operated.

It should also be noted that this facility has previously been designated as the evacuation site for Hillcrest Academy.

The SCEPEC does have standby power.