Shelburne County Healthcare Updates - March 30, 2021

Nova Scotia Health Authorty has provided the following update of recent activities relating to physician recruitiment in Shelburne County:

• Dr. Adeleke Ifesanya joined the Shelburne Family Practice team in March. He recently completed a Practice Ready Assessment. As part of the recruitment process, the Municipality of Shelburne hosted Dr. Adeleke and his family for a weekend in January, which included accommodations, meals and tours of the Roseway Hospital, Shelburne Collaborative Health centre and the local area.

• Recruitment work is also underway on another Practice Ready Assessment physician candidate for the area later this year.

• Ongoing recruitment efforts include working through the immigration process for an Emergency Department physician who will provide service at a number of locations in Western Zone, including Roseway Hospital.

• COVID-19 restrictions mean we have had to try new and creative ways to introduce potential new doctors, nurse practitioners and other health providers to the Shelburne area. Recruitment site visits have included both in-person and virtual tours (over the internet) of Roseway Hospital and Shelburne Collaborative Family Practice Clinic over the past few months for physicians and nurse practitioners.

• This past fall, a group of Family Medicine Residents attended a “clinic crawl” which allowed the group to see the local health centre and experience Shelburne hospitality. The Municipality of Shelburne helped showcase the area, and arranged a dinner at the yacht club, which was also attended by a number of community partners.

• A new physician joined the Shelburne Family Practice in the fall to provide short-term coverage, but with the hope the physician may choose to continue to provide service for a longer period of time. The physician’s service has been very much appreciated by the Family Practice team and their patients.

• Dr. Trudy MacFarlane communicated with her patients that she is leaving – her last day was February 12. Many of her priority patients were transferred to another provider. Thank you Dr. MacFarlane for your service to your patients and the community.

We are pleased to welcome Dr. Adeleke to the Shelburne Family Practice Team and are excited about the health initiatives underway that will assist in improving health care services for the County!

Blood Collection

Nova Scotia Health is expanding its online appointment booking service. Online appointment booking is now available at the following sites:

-- Bayview Memorial Health Centre (Advocate Harbour) blood collection
-- River Hebert Blood Collection
-- Queens General Hospital (Liverpool) blood collection and X-ray
-- Roseway Hospital (Shelburne) blood collection, X-ray, EKG
-- Lockeport Medical Centre blood collection

Patients wishing to book appointments online at these locations or other existing locations can visit

Roseway Hospital

Roseway Hospital is a community hospital serving about 15,000 Shelburne County residents with primary care services, inpatient, ambulatory and emergency care.

Nineteen inpatient beds include acute medical care, convalescent, cardiac care, pediatrics and care for people awaiting long-term care placement.

Jodi Ybarra
Roseway Hospital Site Manager
PO Box 610
Shelburne, NS
B0T 1W0

  • Main number: 902-875-3011
  • ER department, patient inquiries: 902-875-4390 (fax: 902-875-1428)
  • Patient calls: 902-875-2696
  • Mental Health: 902-875-4200
  • Addiction Services: 902-875-8645
  • Public Health: 902-875-2623

Click here for information regarding temporary ER closures at Roseway Hospital.

Collaborative Care Clinic

A collaborative family practice team includes family doctors, nurse practitioners, family practice nurses, and other health professionals working together to provide comprehensive care for patients.

A collaborative family practice team provides:

  • Comprehensive care – the team provides a full range of health care, from basic wellness check-ups to managing complex conditions.
  • Accessible care – the team works to offer appointments at various times that best meet the needs of patients.
  • Coordinated care – patients see the right health care provider for their needs.
  • Continuity of care – patients see the same team of providers throughout their life, building a medical history and trusting relationship over time.
  • Community-oriented care – the team works to meet the specific health needs of patients, and of the community.

Primary Health Care is working to create more and strengthen existing collaborative family practice teams across the province. Having access to a primary care provider, such as a family doctor or nurse practitioner, is important to all of us for our health and wellness.

Living Without a Family Doctor?

If you don’t have a family doctor or nurse practitioner, please register with Need a Family Practice.

Shelburne Family Practice - Care Clinic  - For patients from Shelburne County without a provider

We can see you for non-urgent care such as: prescription refills, follow-ups, ordering blood work, ordering tests & imaging, etc.

Appointments are booked starting each Tuesday for the upcoming week. Patients can call any weekday to book an appointment, 902-875-2321.

Patients using this service will be seen by either a family doctor or nurse practitioner and the LPN. This clinic is being set up to provide primary care for people without a family physician or nurse practitioner living in Shelburne County. The health care provider who sees the patient will NOT become the person’s regular family doctor or nurse practitioner.

This is NOT a walk-in clinic and people cannot walk-in for an appointment.

Anyone with an emergency should go to the Emergency Department or call 911.

Senior Assisted Living Facilities

Shelburne County has three large homes that provide Senior Citizens a place then can feel protected and obtain the assistance they require to enable them to continue comfortable daily living.

Roseway Manor
1604 Lake Rd.
Sandy Point,
Shelburne, N.S.
B0T 1W0

Bayside Home
96 Bayside Dr.
Barrington, Nova Scotia
B0W 1E0

Surf Lodge Nursing Home
73 Howe Street, PO Box 160
Lockeport, Nova Scotia
B0T 1L0