Federal Government Internet Subsidy Programs

For those that may require financial assistance in getting access to the internet there are a couple of subsidy programs in place. The program, “Connecting Canadians” enables the homeowner to receive internet services at $10 per month. The speed is 10 Mbps with unlimited bandwidth (www.ic.gc.ca/eic/site/111.nsf/eng/home). Families who currently receive the maximum Canada Child Benefit (CCB) will receive a letter from the Government of Canada. This letter will contain an access code to access a secure online portal. The access code will be valid for the entire duration of the initiative if the individual remains eligible for the CCB. If you currently receive CCB and have not received anything in the mail, please visit the above website or call 1-800-328-6189.

The other program, “Connecting Families” is a program that provides access to discounted internet or a computer. Access to the discounted internet or a computer will depend on availability (https://www.ic.gc.ca/eic/site/111.nsf/eng/home). This is a Government of Canada program and Bell participates. The Government of Canada determines eligibility and contacts those that are eligible annually. We understand there is a mail out happening to inform the public about this program. You can also call 1-800-328-6189 for more information.

High Speed Internet Project

For information regarding civic addresses now able to access Bell Canada's internet please click the following links - available as of pdf November 4, 2020 (71 KB) , available as of pdf November 18, 2020 (138 KB) , available as of pdf November 26, 2020 (308 KB) , available as of pdf December 2, 2020 (68 KB)  , available as of pdf January 5, 2021 (209 KB)  and available as of spreadsheet February 24, 2021. (55 KB)  Please check back often for more updates. 


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High-Speed Internet Access for More Homes and Businesses in the Municipality of Shelburne

Shelburne, Nova Scotia, September 1, 2020 - Today, the Province of Nova Scotia and Develop Nova Scotia announced the second round of Internet for Nova Scotia Initiatives, including a project to connect more homes and businesses in the Municipality of Shelburne to Bell Canada’s all-fibre network. This project is made possible through an investment of $46,000 by the Municipality and will provide residents with download speeds of up to 1.5 Gigabits per second (Gbps).

“This is a very exciting day,” stated Warden Penny Smith. “Our Council has been working diligently with Bell Canada to provide this essential service in our Municipality. With today’s announcement, we believe we will be the first rural municipality in the province to provide almost 100% access to eligible homes and businesses, which means anyone that can access power will be able to access the Internet. This is a game changer for us. COVID-19 has clearly demonstrated the need for reliable high-speed Internet now more than ever. We need it to be able to work from home, or to run a business, and it is vital for our education system. Many companies and organizations have realized that with Internet access, many services can still be offered and employees can work from home. Along with our pristine natural environment, safe communities and friendly people, which contribute to our quality of life, we can also boast having the fastest high-speed Internet available. It is a great time to make the Municipality your home or to set up a business.”

To find out the current projects happening with estimated timeframes, visit the Municipal website at www.municipalityofshelburne.ca and click on the high-speed Internet icon. The Municipality continues to meet with partners to find ways to ensure that the service is provided as expeditiously as possible.

The Internet Projects in the District have been in partnership with Bell Canada and Develop Nova Scotia.
Develop Nova Scotia is the Crown Corporation responsible for developing and implementing a strategy to provide high-speed Internet access to unserved and underserved Nova Scotians. They manage the $193 million placed in an Internet trust fund to connect more communities, homes and businesses across Nova Scotia.

Media Contact:
Alicia Murray
Executive Assistant 
Municipality of the District of Shelburne
902-875-3544 ext. 227

The Fastest, High Speed Internet Arrives in the District of Shelburne and Town of Lockeport!

The Municipality of the District of Shelburne has partnered with Bell Canada and Develop Nova Scotia to bring the best high-speed internet available in Canada to approximately 95% of its residents and businesses, and it is anticipated this project will be completed within the next 11 months.

“Bell Canada has provided maps and expected timelines which can be found on the municipal website and social media. I encourage everyone to visit our website or to call our Municipal office for more information. We understand that this recent announcement will provide access to most residents and businesses, but not to everyone. We will continue to work with Bell Canada in submitting a proposal in May to Develop Nova Scotia to bring access to the rest of the Municipality. We know access to the internet is essential for the education of our youth, with the recruitment of professionals to the area, increasing economic development opportunities and will help us stay connected with family and friends”, stated Warden Penny Smith.

Mayor Harding of the Town of Lockeport is pleased to be partnering with the Municipality of the District of Shelburne, Develop Nova Scotia and Bell Canada in bringing this vital service to the residents and businesses within the Town.

The following links are maps detailing where internet will be provided, including estimated timelines:

Phase One

For information regarding civic addresses now able to access Bell Canada's internet please click the following links - available as of February 24, 2020 .

Phase Two

To find out information on Bell Canada’s current internet and bundle rates please go to www.bellcanada.ca.

If you have questions about this project please email Trudy Payne at or call 902-875-3544.

Municipality Meeting with Bell Canada Regarding Internet Project

Exciting and long awaited news was announced last week for residents and businesses in the Municipality of the District of Shelburne. At least 95% of the Municipality will have access to the best high-speed internet that is available across Canada. “We know people have been anxiously awaiting this news. They want to know if they are part of the 95% and when they will get access. The Municipality is meeting with Bell Canada representatives regarding this project very shortly and we will be sharing maps showing where access will be provided as well as anticipated timelines. We ask residents to continue to be patient as we work through this process,” stated Warden Penny Smith.

The Municipality is also continuing to work with Bell Canada to seek solutions to ensure internet access is available to all residents and businesses.

Information regarding this project will be posted on our website and social media. Please visit the Municipality’s website at www.municipalityofshelburne.ca or our Facebook page regularly for updates.