Municipal Elections

2020 Municipal Elections

Every four (4) years the Municipality of Shelburne conducts Municipal and, when necesscary, Special Elections if an elected position needs to be filled between elections.

The next Municipal Election are held on October 17, 2020. Eligible voters in the Municipality of Shelburne will elected one Councillor from each of seven (7) districts. The election is carried out under the Provincial Municipal Elections Act.

Electorial Boundaries 

District 1           Beaverdam, Clyde River, Port Saxon, Northeast and Northwest Harbour, Ingomar and Round Bay             Map         
District 2 Roseway, Carleton Village, Gunning Cove, Churchover, Birchtown and Reid’s Hill Map
District 3 Sandy Point, Jordan Bay and Jordan Ferry Map
District 4 Ohio and Welshtown  Map
District 5 East Jordan, Jordan Falls, Woodlawn Drive, and Jordan Branch Map
District 6 West Head, East Green Harbour, West Green Harbour and Benham Rd Map
District 7 Lydgate, Allendale, East to Sable River and Port L’Hébert Map

For more information on Voting in Municipal Elections and becoming involved in the next election, visit Springtide - Local Decisions.