Municipality Awards Construction of New Municipal Services Building

SHELBURNE, NOVA SCOTIA – At a Special Council Meeting on Monday, September 13, 2021,
Council awarded Tender MDS2021-004, Shelburne Municipal Building to Rikjak Construction to build a new Municipal Services Building in the Municipality of the District of Shelburne

The main section of the current building located at 136 Hammond Street is over 100 years old and currently, does not meet National Building Code requirements nor accessibility standards. Under sized spaces, very poor air quality, life safety systems deficiencies and security issues are some of the other primary deficiencies with the existing building. Catalyst Consulting Engineers determined that it would be much more expensive to renovate the existing building to meet accessibility, space and code requirements than it would be to invest in a new building.

“Council was nervous when we released the municipal building tender in this very volatile market due to COVID-19 and was pleased to see three competitive bids and within budget. A new municipal building has been discussed at the Council table since the 1990’s and in 2016 Council, made this project a priority. Much work and negotiations have taken place during the last five years. The new municipal building will see two Federal Departments rent space, providing services to residents and businesses, along with municipal services. The Provincial services provided from our current building will not be moving to the new building, however, the Municipality is in negotiations to secure a lease with the Department of Justice and Registry of Motor Vehicles, to have them remain at the current building, to ensure those services remain in the County”, stated Warden Penny Smith.

The total budgeted costs for the building is $7.3 million. Council will use a combination of reserves, gas tax, grant funding and borrowing to pay for the building. In 2017, Council purchased 35 acres of land across from the Shelburne Regional High School to secure property for this major project and other future strategic developments. The new municipal building was designed to be more energy efficient, with an energy use that is 30% less than National Building Code requirements and will include solar panels to help reach a higher level of efficiency.

The public are invited to a public information session being held by the Municipality at the Shelburne Regional High School on Monday, September 27th from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. to review the design, anticipated timelines and costs of the building.


Media contact: Trudy Payne, CAO