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Board Governance Training - Request for Proposal

The Municipality of the District of Shelburne is currently seeking proposals, for facilitation services to assist a local volunteer fire department board with board development, strategic focus, governance and training.

Request for Proposal

Wastewater Lagoon Solids Removal - Request for Proposal

The Municipality of the District of Shelburne is seeking to identify interested and qualified Bidders for the desludging and dewatering of the wastewater lagoon at the Sandy Point Sewage
Treatment Plant (STP), located at 507 Sandy Point Road, Shelburne NS. This project includes the transportation and disposal of the dewatered sludge at a provincially approved environmental disposal facility.

This  Request for Proposal document includes the requirements for work to be completed by the successful bidder.

Community Art - RFP

In partnership with The Municipality of the District of Shelburne, through their Community Arts Fund, the Shelburne County Arts Council is seeking proposals from a qualified Nova Scotian artist or group of artists working collaboratively, to design, create, and install public art within the Municipality of Shelburne.

The Municipality of Shelburne is an inclusive, accessible, and diverse municipality, and the artist(s) proposal should incorporate an innovative point of view to the existing beautiful outdoor space in which the finished artwork will be installed. The specific location should be indicated by the artist within their proposal.

The selected project will add artistic enhancement to an outdoor publicly accessible space within the Municipality of Shelburne and will also engage our community in it’s creation. Examples of engagement could range from public consultation regarding parts of the project prior to or during creation, to involvement of the community within the physical creation of the project.

We encourage artists to be innovative in their proposals in regards to how they will include a level of community engagement within their project. The Shelburne County Arts Council will work to support artists in the community
engagement components of their project.

Request for Proposal

Community Art Fund Policy

Accessibility Advisory Committee Meeting July 21st

The next Eastern Shelburne County Accessibility Advisory Committee Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, July 21st, 6pm at the Shelburne Community Centre. Members of the public are welcome to attend. 


At their July 14, 2021 meeting, the Council of the Municipality of the District of Shelburne made a motion to discontinue scavenging at the Regional Materials Recovery Facility, located in West Green Harbour, effective immediately.

After much consideration, this decision was made based on substantial research around a number of factors including increased demands, staff capacity, liability concerns, risk management, by-law enforcement implications and lost revenue; however, the most considerable reason was public and staff safety.

“While we understand and appreciate the benefits to the public to be able to scavenge or reuse items from the facility, the safety of the customers and our staff continue to be our priority,” says Warden Penny Smith. “Public scavenging at municipal transfer stations is not a common practice in Nova Scotia. This facility is one of the last to offer this service to its residents. It is never easy to discontinue a service and this decision was not made lightly. Advice from the Municipality’s solicitor, insurer and looking at standard practices across the province, weighed heavily on Council’s decision.”

The original intent of scavenging was to repurpose items as opposed to them being landfilled. Our current practices see most of the construction and demolition materials being repurposed through our contracts with other waste facilities. For example, asphalt shingles are used for paving products, drywall is used for farm bedding, wood is chipped and used in drainage areas, metal is used as a revenue source to offset facility costs, just to name a few.

Discontinuing scavenging was discussed with the Shared Services Team representing the Town of Lockeport, Town of Shelburne and Municipality of Shelburne, as well as the Municipality of Shelburne’s Audit and Internal Control Committee, before being recommended to Municipal Council.


Trudy Payne
Chief Administrative Officer
Municipality of Shelburne
902-875-3544 ext. 223

Request For Submissions

The Municipality of the District of Shelburne is looking for professional submissions of high-resolution, edited local video and photos for purchase.

We have interest in, but are not limited to, expanding our photo/video library in the following areas:

• Ariel Photography
• Fishing Industry - (wharfs and boats)
• Seasonal Landscapes (fall colors, spring birds, after a snowfall)
• Food (lobster, seafood, ice cream, locally sourced dishes)
• Interior and Exterior of our local businesses
• Adventure or Experiences
• Quality of Life
• Resident and Business attraction highlight video

If you have any questions, would like to submit your work or would like to discussion content creation, please contact:

Val Kean, Community Development Coordinator

902-875-3544 ext 232

The Municipality reserves the right to accept or reject any and all submissions. It is the responsibility of the photographer/videographer to obtain permissions, and include with your submission, any necessary release forms from property owners or persons included in the content.

Request for Proposals - Accessibility Plan

The Eastern Shelburne County Accessibility Advisory Committee is seeking proposals from qualified consultants for the development of an Accessibility Plan for Eastern Shelburne County. Deadlline for submissions is 2pm, July 16, 2021. The RFP can be viewed and downloaded below. 

  pdf  RFP Accessibility Plan (203 KB)

Shelburne County East Emergency Measure Operations - Drought Information

In light of the potential for another drought season, we would like the public to start preparing now by conserving water and thinking of ways to be more self-sufficient in water collection.

Shelburne County East Emergency Management will continue to explore options for additional supports for sustainable access to water in our communities. As in previous years, public water collection opportunities will be made available as the need arises. Please check regularly for updates at

We recognize that there are vulnerable individuals/households in our communities that do not have the means to address the issue on their own. We are committed to continuing to help them within reason and this assistance will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

If you are experiencing low or dry well it is important to report this issue. Reporting water shortages is critical for tracking, identifying and providing community solutions.

Please use this  flyer as a guide to support you in accessing available resources to manage and mitigate chronic water shortages.