Monday, September 25, 2017, Council Meeting

Please join Shelburne Municipal Council on Monday, September 25, 2017, at 5:00 pm for their regularly scheduled Council meeting.  To view the full agenda click here.

 Press Release - Medical Clinic Tender Awarded

For immediate release – July 26, 2017

Things just got a whole lot sunnier in Shelburne County recently with news that the tender for the new Shelburne Medical Clinic was awarded by the Province to Rikjak Construction Limited of Lunenburg on July 14th at a cost of $2,878,000. Warden Penny Smith of the Municipality of Shelburne is excited about the news.

“We are so pleased that the province has awarded this tender and work has begun with Rikjak Construction to begin planning the site work in August. Our community has waited a long time for this facility and to finally see the tender awarded is great news for our citizens and our medical community to know that it will soon become a reality. Premier Stephen McNeil and Minister Mark Furey came to our community in April and committed to seeing this project move forward and we are so pleased that they have followed through on their promise.”

Municipality of Shelburne has been an ardent supporter of the project and health care in general by contributing $450,000 to the capital costs of the new facility and recently announcing another $500,000 towards physician recruitment and retention over the next five years. “Our physician recruitment efforts in conjunction with Roseway Hospital Charitable Foundation and Nova Scotia Health Authority are now paying dividends with Dr. Ryan Pawsey planning to start his practice in our community in August,” said Warden Smith. “There are so many great things happening right now in Shelburne County and this adds another positive development for our area.”

Contact person:

Warden Penny Smith
(902) 875-6454

Crown Land Harvesting 

Background Information:

On Oct. 9, 2014 the Department of Natural Resources announced 10-year licenses for mills to harvest on Western Crown lands. On Oct. 23, to begin public engagement around fibre harvesting, the department began to post maps on a county-by-county basis, that indicate where harvesting will take place and what harvesting method will be used. Each map also includes a closing date for public comments on each of the proposed harvest sites, which is 20 days after the harvest site is first posted; the department will respond to those comments within 10 days.

Harvesting will either be a partial harvest or clear-cut. To learn more about the harvesting types prescribed on Crown lands, please visit http://novascotia.ca/natr/forestry/programs/timberman/harvesting.asp. To learn more about the definition of a clear-cut please visit http://novascotia.ca/natr/strategy/clear-cut-definition.asp

If a planned harvest method is changed to clear-cut for any reason, that map will also be updated and there will be an additional 7 to 10 day comment period.

All Crown land timber harvesting prescriptions are made objectively by applying field data collected during a pre-treatment assessment (PTA). This information is collected  by a forest professional who is trained and certified to perform pre-treatment assessments. This data is then applied through Forest Management Guide’s (FMG) which are based on decades of forest research (http://novascotia.ca/natr/forestry/programs/timberman/pta.asp).

Every proposed harvest plan on Crown lands goes through an in-depth review by an Integrated Resource Management (IRM) team comprised of foresters, biologists, and other resource professionals who provide  recommendations and are responsible for approvals for each proposed operation.  If approved, each plan is then monitored by department staff during and after operations to ensure compliance with all applicable rules and regulations.

Are you interested in keeping up to date on the Crown Land Harvesting Plan for our area?

The public can sign up for notifications of updates to the Harvest Plan Map Viewer (HPMV) at the following website: https://novascotia.ca/natr/forestry/fibre-allocation/ .  These notifications include summaries of proposed plans being added, sorted by county.

How to Comment on Harvest Plans

The HPMV has a tool available which allows for sending comments directly by clicking on the applicable harvest plan.

Your comment will automatically include the harvest area reference number indicated on the map. After the comment period closes, a 3-point scale will be used that will provide a measure of the relevance and impact of each comment. The Licensees may begin harvesting on any plan for which no comments have been received or which the department determines there is insufficient need to postpone the harvest.

Map - https://nsgi.novascotia.ca/hpmv/

We are pleased to announce that our Waste per capita (per person) numbers came in and we are well below the provincial requested amount of 300 kg/capita.

Thanks to all our residents (Municipality of Shelburne, Town of Shelburne and Town of Lockeport) for their hard work on using less and recycling more.  

Our numbers came in at 282 kg/capita !!  

To read Thomas's essay, please use the following link:  


 Thomas King

Registration Now Open for 2017 Summer Programs

Click here for information about our Summer Recreation Programs and how to register. 

PACE Program Year 2 Press Release

CEF Press Release Shelburne

PACE Program - Open for Applications

Year 2 of the Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) Program is now open for applications.  

Only 10 spots are available.  Inquire or apply today!

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