Physical Activity Strategy

The Municipal Physical Activity Leadership Program is a partnership between the Department of Communities, Culture & Heritage, Municipality of Shelburne, Town of Shelburne and Town of Lockeport. Since the program started in 2005 there has been a Physical Activity Strategy in place. It has has been revised and updated twice, with the latest being in early 2020. The Strategy is developed by the partners with consultation and input from the three communities. 

Physical Activity Strategy 2020-2022


All residents of the Town of Shelburne, Municipality of the District of Shelburne and the Town of Lockeport will understand the benefits and importance of movement and will reap the benefits as it is incorporated into their daily routine.


Create and support, policies, environments and programs that will enable residents to embrace movement as part of their daily lifestyle.

  pdf Physical Activity Strategy 2020-2022 (890 KB)