Pre-Authorized Payment Plan

As a budgetary tool, Municipality of the District of Shelburne is now offering residents the option of paying tax bills directly from your bank account by enrolling in the Pre-Authorized Payment Plan.

If your taxes are paid up-to-date and you don’t pay your taxes with your mortgage, you're eligible to apply for a Pre-Authorized Payment Plan.

The Municipality Has Two Pre-authorized Payment Plans For You To Choose From:

Option 1: Total amount to be withdrawn on the invoice due date, last business day in June.

This option allows the taxpayer to pay the full amount on the due date each year by signing an agreement to withdraw the actual amount of the current year's bill.

The due date of the withdrawal will be the last business day of June, and the amount withdrawn will be the full amount of the annual tax bill.

Option 2: Regular monthly withdrawal, first business day each month.

This option allows the taxpayer to determine a monthly payment amount towards their account.

This is an alternative for taxpayers who currently prepay their taxes via post-dated cheques. This will save both the cost of cheques and postage. To assist in budgeting, this option is used to make continuous monthly payments on your account from one year to the next on the first business day of each month.

If the regular monthly amount is not sufficient to cover the current year taxes, or if the payment is not made on or before the due date, interest will be charged on outstanding balances at the prevailing rate set each year.

Interest is NOT recognized on prepayments received on accounts.

If you have any questions please contact our Tax Clerk by email or phone (902) 875-3544 ext. 222

How to enroll in our Pre-Authorized Payment Plan:

Please review our pdf Pre-Authorized Payment Policy (273 KB) and return your completed pdf Pre-Authorized Payment Enrollment Form (201 KB) with a void cheque to the Municipal Finance Office at 136 Hammond Street in Shelburne. Forms must be received at least ten (10) business days prior to the first withdrawal.

Completed packages can also be returned by mail:

PO BOX 280
Shelburne, NS
B0T 1W0