What is Subdivision?

Subdivision of land is defined in the Municipal Government Act as “the division of land into two or more parcels, and includes a resubdivision or a consolidation of two or more parcels”. Subdivision plans can be both legal survey plans prepared by licensed Nova Scotia Land Surveyors or, where applicable, Instruments of Subdivision are able to be approved.

Subdivision By-Law

What are the steps?

The process for obtaining Subdivision Approval in the Municipality of Shelburne starts with an applicant contacting the Development Officer, completing an application for Subdivision Approval, and submitting a ‘Plan of Subdivision’ for approval. The ‘Plan of Subdivision’ is reviewed for compliance with the requirements of the Subdivision By-Law, and may require approval from Department of Environment and/or Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal.

When the review process is complete, the ‘Plan of Subdivision’ is approved and registered in the Registry of Deeds.

What is the cost?

Municipality of Shelburne fees for Subdivisions are $330.00 (made payable to the Municipality of Shelburne), plus the costs for registration of the plan in the Registry of Deeds which is $100.00 for land registered property or $200.00 for non-land registered property. The payment for Registry of Deeds need to be cheque or money order made payable to the Registry of Deeds.  Please contact our office for further fee information for subdivisions in the Towns of Lockeport or Shelburne.

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