Economic Prosperity: Igniting Business Attraction through Municipal Initiatives

Municipal Council is making investments and fostering economic growth through strategic content creation. We are leveraging innovative content initiatives to attract businesses, drive investment, and transform our communities into vibrant economic hubs. While engaging successful local businesses, we explore the power of storytelling and digital engagement to shape the future of business attraction within our municipalities

Discover the Essence of Our Community: Where Work, Life, and Exploration Unite

“Live Here, Work Here, Play Here” captures the essence of a vibrant and multifaceted community. This tagline conveys a dynamic environment where residents and visitors alike can find innovative opportunities for employment, enjoy recreational activities, and discover exciting adventures, making it an ideal place to live, work, and explore.

Council Investment

Content Creation

With the completion of the Municipality’s high speed internet project staff identified an opportunity to market our beautiful location to professionals, entrepreneurs, students, and families who may be looking to establish businesses and home offices outside of urban centers.

In the 2022/2023, Operating Budget, Council committed $55,000, to create a community profile video, business marketing videos and establish a library of professional photos. Flow Video Inc. was selected through RFP process to complete this work.

Building on Success

After the successful completion of our community profile and business marketing videos, Council decided once again to invest in more video marketing materials. In the 2023/2024 Operating Budget, Council committed a further $35,000, to expand this marketing work.

The contract with Flow Video Inc. was extended and we are continuing to work with local businesses and organizations to highlight the economic and community landscape in Shelburne. In total we have created 25 promotional videos ranging from community assets, hospitality business, housing development and industrial operations.

Putting it All to Good Use

The Municipality 2023/2024 Operating Budget also included $14,000, for digital marketing campaign. Now that we have invested in the content, we want to ensure we are strategically marketing our assets around the world!

Starting in fall/winter 2023, we will beginning a social marketing campaign that will transform our content into targeted ads and clips. A well-executed marketing campaign will be a game-changer for our community, driving economic growth and community prosperity. Our goal is to attract businesses, investors, and entrepreneurs by showcasing your area’s potential, resources, and success stories!